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Is Burial Insurance Worth Buying?


Burial insurance is one of those somewhat out of the ordinary forms of insurance policies that can’t be compared too well to other kinds of insurance but it fills a great need and is worth looking at purchasing no matter who you are or what your age is.

With most kinds of other insurance policies, you pay a monthly bill (or premium) to provide insurance for yourself against one form of disaster or another. If you are a homeowner then you would get insurance to protect yourself in case of fires, storms, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. For homeowner insurance you pay a monthly fee (the premium). You pay the premium regardless of whether your home burns down or not.

Burial insurance is different from other types of insurance in that you will most definitely end up using it sooner or later (hopefully much later). When you purchase burial insurance (which is often referred to as funeral insurance) you are paying ahead of time for your funeral when the time comes. There are two ways that burial insurance can work. You can pay a monthly bill or premium as you would for your homeowners insurance or if you have the money available, you can pay for the burial insurance in the form of a lump sum one time payment.

If you’re not convinced yet that burial insurance is a good idea, here are some advantages to think about:

  • You are locking in the premium price at the cost of what a funeral or burial would cost today. In other words, let’s say that a funeral or burial would cost $15,000.00 today. If you get your policy today and (hopefully) many years from now when you die the cost is $50,000.00, you will still have full coverage regardless of the price increase.
  • In a similar way, getting burial insurance now rather than having your family or next of kin pay for your funeral or burial at the time you die, you are making sure they don’t have to come up with many thousands of dollars that most people don’t have to begin with. The last thing you want to do when you pass away (and your family is in a horrible state of shock) is to shoulder them with the huge cost of a funeral. It’s just one less thing to worry about when the time comes.
  • When you get burial insurance you can, in essence, organize your burial and/or memorial the way you want it. When you get burial insurance you work with a funeral director who organizes every minute detail regarding your funeral for you and everything that is carried out at your funeral is what you want.
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